Sea Kayaks

For keen paddlers wanting to take part in sea touring and expeditions, requiring a craft that can handle surf and swell

Sea Worthy - Feature Rich - Reliable

A craft designed specifically for sea touring and expeditions, which can handle surf and swell, perhaps something to paddle along the coast with enough storage for day trips, over-nighters or multi-day trips.

Sea kayaks typically have a longer waterline, and may also have rudders and/or skegs (fixed rudder) to assist with directional control.  Modern sea kayaks often have two or more internal bulkheads.  

This craft will usually be over 4.5m in length and have a distinctly up-turned bow for lift into oncoming swell and to prevent nose-dive when riding the wave.

Of course, a sea kayak can always be paddled on flat water too, whereas a recreational kayak is not usually suitable for use in the sea.  

If you are new to sea kayaking it is advisable to get familiar with your sea kayak on calm waters before venturing out into the ocean, and enrol for a course in basic sea skills.  Always wear a PFD when out at sea and suggested that you always check the weather report and paddle in the company of two or more kayakers.  

Sea kayaks are available as doubles and singles.

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