Sit On Top Kayaks

For paddlers looking for the safety, versatility and ease-of-use that usually comes with a SOT kayak

Safe - Fun - Ease of Entry and Exit

Sealed-hull (unsinkable) craft were developed for leisure use, as derivatives of surfboards (e.g. paddle or wave skis), or for surf conditions.  They are now available in all shapes in sizes ranging from short, stable recreational SOT’s to lean fast SOT’s, and of course fishing SOT’s.

Sit-on-top kayaks are particularly popular for fishing and scuba diving, since participants need to easily enter and exit the water, change seating positions, and access hatches and storage wells. Ordinarily the seat of a sit-on-top is slightly above water level, so the centre of gravity for the paddler is higher than in a traditional kayak.  To compensate for the higher centre of gravity, sit-on-tops are often wider and slower than a traditional kayak of the same length.

Contrary to popular belief, the sit-on-top kayak hull is not self- bailing, since water penetrating it does not drain out automatically, but rather only water on top of the kayak drains through the scupper holes.   Furthermore, the sit-on-top hull cannot be moulded in a way that would assure water tightness, and water may get in through various holes in its hull, usually around hatches and deck accessories.  If the sit-on-top kayak is loaded to a point where such perforations are covered with water, or if the water paddled is rough enough that such perforations often go under water, the sit-on-top hull may take in water.

Sit on top kayaks are available as doubles and singles and are a popular option for kayak fishing.

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